Saturday, September 27, 2008

RFK Funeral Train @ Danziger Projects

One of my favorite photographers I came across a few years ago while obsessively browsing is Paul Fusco. He has been a member of Magnum since the early 70's. I think he is best known for his photo essay entitled Chernobyl Legacy, unveiling the dark aftermaths of the Soviet Union's 1986 nuclear incident.
Currently he is residing in New York, which is also housing his amazing story RFK Funeral Train at the Danziger Projects Gallery. I have been waiting all summer to view this work in person, but apparently art galleries are often closed all August for private sales. :Yawn:
RFK Funeral Train is open for viewing till October 4th. You can imagine I am running over ASAP!
If you can't make it- check out the links in italics. I love listening to Paul discuss his own photos. I think it brings journalism to another level when you can listen to someone speak of their works.

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