Tuesday, September 30, 2008

without backbones

sadly you don't know our friend atown but i really wish someone would tell him about this brand of clothing. why because he is trying to be a rocker, mod, and classic all at the same time. some how i could see this look fitting in with that along with the title which would doubly suit him!

tha cassette society

is acid wash denim really back? apparently so with cassette society.. i am pretty sure i owned one of these jean skirts at the time, and rocked it with my LA Gears.

Monday, September 29, 2008


abigail lorick is the mastermind behind this fall collection.. and not only do i love her clothing
but i get a sneak peak at what is happening behind the scenes as her office is across the street from my store. so i watch this lovely lady all day long.. for her up coming spring lovelies look here.

Tristan Blair shoes


Designers Remix Collection

i am kind of obsessed with this brand right at the moment. we did a photo shoot for plum & pear boutique and one of the dresses that was featured was so amazing. i am also loving that they design a line for yoga goers... see more clothing here and @ plum & pear.

Chi Mihara shoes

awesome new chi mihara shoes.. see the radical granny boots that are sold exclusively pear

Urban Outfitter's "Online Only Stuff"

Every now and then I think that Urban Outfitters should really get out of the suck-zone and give me something different than what my little sister and all her friends are all wearing. So apparently, the secret to shopping with them is shopping online, since all the real goodies are actually posted on their website ONLY.

Like this amazing burgundy trench I want right now.

Unfortunately, it is Ben Sherman. Although that is completely amazing I am actually banned from this label because I am not mod enough. Long story short.
So I will just have to settle for this barely-there vest that won't keep me warm for shit this winter.

black sheep and prodigal sons

check out the necklaces here,so amazing

the hunter and the hunted

Saturday, September 27, 2008

RFK Funeral Train @ Danziger Projects

One of my favorite photographers I came across a few years ago while obsessively browsing magnumphotos.com is Paul Fusco. He has been a member of Magnum since the early 70's. I think he is best known for his photo essay entitled Chernobyl Legacy, unveiling the dark aftermaths of the Soviet Union's 1986 nuclear incident.
Currently he is residing in New York, which is also housing his amazing story RFK Funeral Train at the Danziger Projects Gallery. I have been waiting all summer to view this work in person, but apparently art galleries are often closed all August for private sales. :Yawn:
RFK Funeral Train is open for viewing till October 4th. You can imagine I am running over ASAP!
If you can't make it- check out the links in italics. I love listening to Paul discuss his own photos. I think it brings journalism to another level when you can listen to someone speak of their works.

Friday, September 26, 2008

get your dancin shoes on

elizabeth and james

so much awesome-ness that one could explode

sunday's picks

oh my you won't want to miss this... nothing like some med-evil fighting to help you down that turkey leg.. and nothing can beat dudes in tights with swords.
Date: Sunday, September 28th
Time: 11:30am - 6:00pm
Location: Fort Tryon Park, Take either the “A” train to the 190th Street Station or the M4 bus to the park entrance.
Cost: Free