Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cocaine Mule Till 2010

Cocaine Mule till 2010 is a bag & accessory brand for the "middle man." Finding that everyone is a mule for someone, they aim to construst "the best bags possible for the rapid hustle of the new millennium." They've set their own goal of 2010 as a "starting gate"- a reminder to always push forward and start what they've finished.

They currently feature two designs of bags, the Accent packs and the Companion Packs. You can see that they have more ideas brewing on the site such as laptop vests and carryalls.

Last week I broke and put up my order for a 6" Accent Pack in elNatural. You can slide your favorite belt though the canvas loops on the back and sport that puppy with all your fav getups.
The best part is they have this fun lining on the inside that cutes it up a bit. I'm surprised they don't feature it on the site, maybe they like to keep it a little secret surprise.

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