Wednesday, January 7, 2009

julia rothman

i have featured her before. i am absolutley taking back by her illustrations.
here is a mini interview with her about two of my favorite things wallpaper & illustration:
3. What’s it like knowing your work is riding around the world on wallpaper, handbags, stationary, milk bottles, bedding, mugs, placemats, etc? Was this the plan all along or is the Surface Designer hat an unexpected acquisition? How did you transition from school to becoming a working artist?
I had no idea I would be making patterns. It all started when I got hired to make patterns and graphics for My Little Pony Style Guide a couple of years out of school. I had a great time and Hasbro was happy with the results. They kept asking me to make more pattern designs for their other products: Secret Central, Littlest Pet Shop, Tonka Baby, Furbies. I became really good at making patterns. But I was making patterns that were mimicking the illustration style that already existed for the characters. When I finally tried making patterns with my own style of illustrations it felt amazing. I loved making them so much and couldn’t stop. After getting press about my patterns from Design Sponge, things started happening pretty fast.

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