Friday, January 23, 2009

cheers to broken things

this past weekend i was snowboarding in Vermont and the day before i hurt my sweet little left knee my pal Jessica happened to fracture her left elbow the day before!! the moral of this story winter sports on mountains should build better lifts so assholes like me don't mess up there knees just getting off the suckers. also i realized for the first time that man, NYC sucks to be handicapped in!!! why you say, well i have trouble walking up and down the subway stairs with a knee brace and some jerk yelled " get out of the way cripple!" if that wasn't enough three trains went by before i could actually make it through the door. it seems as though trains are only on time when something is broken around here. well enough bitching... so hey when your walking of the subway car and you see a cute girl who's leg is extended out don't think she is just some jerk with her leg out it might be me with that busted ass knee!

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