Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just can't get enough RC

ok.. so it is alittle hard to keep track when you are a writer for 3 no wait 4 blogs...
all the blog-ness i will explain later and trust me i am not that much of an uh-ber geek that i blog all the time. but having this many it can get wickedly confusing what i said on each one. especially when you really love something this much. i am super in love with Rachel Comey right now enough that i might as well purpose.. so here are a few more overloads..
i have these exact boots and they are so awesome in fact they have a hidden inside pocket in both boots!

cute.. you can not see it but this dress is adorned with tiny eyeballs, seems kinda creepy but is mucho radical all of course can be found at my favorite manhattan store plum and pear.

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