Friday, November 21, 2008

Skin and the cold wind

Here's the deal... in the last week the weather has dramatically changed.What we all need to make sure we do is keep our skin hydrated with a capital H. The best way to ensure hydration is to make sure you water intake is heavy, if your not a fan of drinking water plain add lemon for to enhance taste and the for the vitamin c. Also get a hydrating serum, the best bang for your buck in my opinion is hydrating b5 serum from skin ceuticals that I suggest to my clients, here's where to get it
Also wearing a rich occlusive moisturizer will protect your skin from the wind and cold. My absolute favorite is Neocutis, it's way pricey but totally worth every pretty penny here's where to get it Those of us who live in NYC often have intence heat in our apartments. Purchasing a humidifier will help your skin as well as your over all well being.
One last suggestion, EXFOLIATE the body!!! There are plenty of salt and sugar scrubs out there, i usally get mine at whole foods or fresh. Stand in the tub and scrub the sins away then rinse off. Follow your at home spa treatment by saoking in a tub with a few drops of essential oil and olive oil or any body oil.These little tid bits hopfully will keep the spirits up and roughness away. Also remember lots of H20 and not too much egg nog! Merry Merry- Heather

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Tina Lovely said...

hooray!!! you can also get a really nice lavender body scrub from Trader Joe's that won't break the bank. It leaves a really nice hydrating effect as it is mixed with essential oils.

Thanks for the tips heather!